In order to coordinate the publishing work, the scientific team, throughout the years of this project, has been refining a series of criteria to guide those people who have participated in the delicate process of transcribing the data. Among many other concerns, our tasks included entering the questionnaire responses into the database without losing any of what had been transcribed in them, entering them correctly while setting equivalencies between the Revista de Filología Española alphabet and the International Phonetic Alphabet, including the fieldworkers’ observations, establishing an orthographic reference form and classification for each response into a given semantic field which would allow it to be linked with others. We decided as well to gather all marginal information, whether it be in the form of loose annotations, short narrations, small drawings, etc., and to relate it with the survey questions and with the corresponding field, so that it can be recovered.
Decisions about these guidelines were adopted throughout our work, although they were urgently needed for the design and development of the IT tool. These guidelines are reflected in detailed instructions for internal project use which Inés Fernández-Ordóñez compiled. An abridged summary of these guidelines is available here.
Summary guidelines
List of abbreviations