The computer application was designed specifically for this project at the Humanities and Social Sciences Centre of the CSIC.  The design team included Juan Carlos Martínez Torres, computer specialist, Ángel Díaz del Castillo, IT development technician, and Pilar García Mouton, geolinguistics specialist. The whole scientific team contributed to the design of the tool through their user requirements suggested during various meetings. Xulio Sousa, head of the Galician team, who has computer experience, was particularly helpful.
The data entry tool, based on a relational database, includes a number of technical elements: among others, the digitalized image of the survey answers in ARFE transcription and three different help keyboards (with pull-down menus to show the ARFE equivalents of every IPA symbol). These allowed the survey responses to be entered using an IPA transcription as well as in the orthographies of the different Iberian-Romance languages, with links to dictionaries in Asturian, Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Portuguese, as well as images and ethnographic content, with functions for predictable phonetic, morphological, syntactic and lexical pretagging for each survey item. There are also individualized and hierarchized access for each of the team members, who work via the Web from different locations, and functions to optimize data checking and correcting.
At another stage of the process, while the Search function is being perfected, automatic mapping possibilities of search results are being developed in collaboration with the GIS team, headed by Isabel del Bosque related to this is the design of systems to facilitate the automatic transfer of data for mapping on demand, as well as all kinds of searches of data, of bounded areas, etc., links to maps of the same items in other Romance atlases and in the Basque atlas, and the translation of the questionnaire items into major European languages, etc.